Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moving Lew

Boxes of Lew Wallace's books and other large artifacts await the arrival of Red Ball Superior Moving and Storage to take them to the off-site storage location.

Grounds Manager Deb King watches her step carrying a chair out of the Study. This is the first time these artifacts have left the Study since Lew moved them in 1897!

Movers wait for the elevator to bring Lew's desk to its temporary home. They got quite an education from Collections Manager Amanda McGuire on how to pack and carry historic furniture. We were so grateful for their careful professionalism!

Boxes and artifacts rest in their temporary residence. It only took 2 hours to move the books and furniture, clearing space in the Study to pack other artifacts.
After the long morning, we enjoyed a celebratory post-move lunch. What a relief to have the first part of the move done!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Winter or Spring?

The winter of 2010 has been a chaotic mix of snow, sleet, wind and extreme cold. Mother Nature has thrown a wide range of different weather patterns to central Indiana. October was one of the wettest months in history and the first 15 days of 2010 never saw the temperatures rise above freezing.

Temperatures hovering just above zero in January and over 7 inches of snow in one storm, has the grounds of the Museum looking like a winter wonderland. Concerns about pipes freezing had the faucets kept to a slow trickle for days on end.

Even though the winter has seemed long, gloomy and never ending, Spring is on the doorstep (wishful thinking?) The blanket of snow on the ground for weeks, has now melted and surprise! Daffodils are emerging! In the past, daffodils have emerged towards the end of February. Emerging now puts them a full month ahead of schedule. I suspect that they will 'hibernate' until the proper time to bloom. Time will tell.

Siberian squill (scilla) has also sprouted. Scilla, a bright royal blue, usually shows some color the first of February. Spring cannot be far off, can it?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Unwelcome Visitor

Grounds Manager Deb King releases a bat she found lying on the floor of the Study Monday afternoon.

We're not exactly sure how it got in, but by the time Deb found it, it was either sick or injured and didn't last long. This is one visitor that is NOT welcome!