Monday, October 20, 2008


Saturday morning found Crawfordsville High School students helping to divide iris and hostas at the Study. Helen Hudson's honor students have adopted the local Amtrak station and needed some plants to fill some spots in the gardens at the train station. Hostas, albomarginata and 'Fragrant Blue', and a deep purple iris are plentiful in the Study's gardens.

The hostas are 4-5 years old and need to be divided to maintain the health of the plant. Iris, separated every 2 years, develope large rhizomes and welcome separating. After digging at the Study, the students returned to the station where they planted and watered the perennials, while waiting to welcome the train's passengers.
--Deb King, Grounds Manager


Deb said...

what a wonderful activity!

Kara said...

Ooo. I didn't know you should divide hostas. This is why it's good to know you, D! See you at the Green Webinar!